Home Improvement: Summer Style

As I sit on my bed *ahem* at my desk, answering emails, making phone calls, and (once in a while) creating new 3D renders, it’s easy to let several hours slip by without even realizing it. When I do look up from my work, it’s often out the window.

I love summer. Having the windows open, hearing voices carry down the river from people paddling canoes and hearing the soft buzz of insects. I took a walk this afternoon, just because I realized it had been so long since I’d actually gone outside just to enjoy the weather.

What have you been meaning to do with your backyard? Is it not exactly the oasis you always imagined yourself having? Whether it’s finally time to do a full overhaul or you just want to spruce it up a bit, now’s the time to put those intentions into action. Summer passes all too quick and once those leaves start to fall and the wind gets brisk, your outdoor oasis will be out of sight and out of mind.

So, stick with me and we’ll explore our options. This next week will be Backyard Makeover 101. It’s not a Masters class, but it might just be the push you need to finally make some changes. I’ll be blogging ideas from the simplest bang for your buck, to the tips and tricks of total transformation. I’ll be pinning inspiration, tweeting updates and having some fun on Houzz, too.

It’s really a journey, with me in the driver’s seat, and that’s kind of how I’d like to do this from now on. I’m not an expert in landscape design and neither are you, right? But, that’s how most home-improvement starts, right? It just takes a spark. An idea. Inspiration. It’s about finding the people who ARE experts and learning as we go. This week, it’s an adventure in backyard renovation, next week….we'll have to see.

So, don’t forget:

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And don’t be shy. Let me know what you think about this adventure. Or let me know if you have any questions….I’ll do my best to answer them.

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