A New Idea.

A lot of what Fox River Rendering does relies on meeting new people, sharing what 3D visualizaiton is, and what it can do. Sometimes, new applications for 3D and visualizaiton will present themselves, having never been considered before.


Real estate was one of those applications. After being approached by a realtor and talking about our individual industries, we realized 3D could be used to virtually stage homes, to visualize a home onto a vacant property, or to accentuate selling features.


Becky Kirchner, a real estate broker with Re/Max in McHenry, IL immediately saw the possibilites 3D could offer. The picture on the upper left is a vacant property near McHenry. Over 20 acres, with a good balance of both open and wooded areas, it's an amazing property but as it is, it's hard for the average person to look past the overgrown field and see what could be done with it.



Property Visualization.


June 2015

The Process.

We started with the photos taken for the listing and used them as a background. Even though visualization is all about imagining what isn't there, we always starts with fact, and build from there. Sometimes that's a blueprint or geographical data. In this case, it was a property survey and photographs.


The video below shows the process of building the visualization up, layer by layer. The overgrown yard was trimmed and spruced by overlaying a manicured lawn. Rather than completely swapping out the existing grass, we kept it a bit wild in places, which felt more believable in such a secluded setting. The photograph was taken on an overcast day, so it was brightened and a blue sky was added.

Visualization #1

Visualization #2

Some renderings are created entirely in 3D while others can be completely manipulated in Photoshop. In this scene, only the house and driveway were 3D modeled. We laid them into the scene, adding shadows and some grass in front of the driveway to help ground it.


There are several properties around Bunker Hill Road with large backyard ponds. Fox River Rendering works out of a similarly rural location and after imagining ourselves living in a place like this, we knew the residents would be spending a majority of their time outdoors. The second image on the left shows a large, two-story home with plenty of garage space for outdoor "toys."


The second visualization, at the top of the page, kept the idea of enjoying the outdoors, but in a different way. We created a white-washed, four-board fence to suggest a horse pasture. Again playing off memories of living in the country, we added a flag pole next to the pasture to make the property feel personalized, yet not specific to any one type of family.

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