It all starts with your idea. A process page is difficult for a company like Fox River Rendering because 3D is such a versatile tool, but that's also what makes having a breakdown of process so important. The amount of ideas out there are as diverse as the people who are dreaming them up. Whether building a collosal feat of engineering or devising a better mouse trap, each idea is worth communicating, and often, communicating your idea effectively is the only way it will ever make it off the page.



How It All Works.


Process Page.


Step One: The Goal

Before visualizing your idea, we need to know your goal. Why does your home need renovating? What function will your new building serve? After understanding your story, the next step is understanding your audience. Often, a designer looses sight of who they are designing for as they work towards producing the best product possible. But even with home projects, when the audience is you and your family, you can lose sight of the forest for all the trees. We've been guilty of it ourselves. But to communicate an idea, keeping the intended audience in mind is vital.


For example, if the assignment was to render a high-rise apartment building, the final product would look very different depending on who the visualization was intended for. If the rendering was going to help secure funding for the project, we would need to highlight the selling features, the number of units, or maybe the materials used in the structure itself. But if the rendering was going to be seen by the high-rise's prospective tennants, the apartments would be populated with plush sofas and potted plants. The exterior would be rendered with families entering the building, a man walking his dog, a smiling security guard at the entrance. The audience is the most important thing. Understanding what the 3D visualization has to communicate is key in creating a successful render.


Step Two: The Information

With the objective in mind, the next step is securing the information. This could be anything from napkin sketches to CAD files. In some projects, accuracy must be flawless. For others, it's more about visualizing an outcome. Fox River Rendering can accommadate both. But no matter where you're at on the spectrum, the more information available, the more effective the render. This includes design drawings and schematics, material information, surrounding features, contributing factors, lighting information, location, etc.


In short, it's your job to have an amazing idea. It's my job to gather all the information and use it to create an effective visualization solution.


This is where a price and timeline are submitted to you as a proposal. A contract will be signed before beginning work.

Step Three: Visualization

With all this information, we can start the visualizing. While 3D is our forte, each project requires a different set of skills. Along with photo-manipulation, and graphic imagery, we'll make the best representation for your needs and your idea.


You will be kept up to date with the progess of your models throughout the project. With the information from step two, Fox River Rendering will model your design, making the best decisions about composition, lighting and rendering as it pertains to your audience's wants and needs. Renderings can be still images or animated as walk-throughs or fly-bys as well. Depending on your needs, there may be text, effects, backgrounds, audio, editing, etc.


The final visualization will be sent to you for approval. Some details, like spelling, grammar, consistency or other minutia may be discussed during the project or edited at the end of the project, but all major design ideas will have been communicated before modeling. Any design changes will be renegoatiated into the project. Fox River Rendering is commited to rendering your ideas into reality, communicating your message to your audience in a way that is both eye-catching and effective.



A page will be created in the Fox River Rendering website portfolio outlining the process of your project and will include the final renders. It will be hidden from the public until the project has been officially completed and all deliverables are sent to you. The renders included in the portfolio page will be fully outlined within the contract. If there are any sensitive details necessary in the final renders, they will be edited out and/or negotiated before being published online. Showcasing work is essential in building Fox River Rendering's platform and growing clientelle, but never at the expense of compromising current clients.

Step Four: Deliverables

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