Evapco Smart Shield.


Water Treatment System.


November 2011

The Story.


I have been partnering with Moka Productions, a video production agency in Evanston, IL, since 2010. Before then, our working relationship actually started as an internship at the agency. Moka Productions has been creating beautiful videos and advertising since the mid-2000's and as I came on in 2009, we added 3D visualization and animation to the repertoire. This video is an excellent example of the potential of 3D visualization. Without animating the Smart Shield processes, it would be a difficult and laborious task explaining the system's uses. With one four-minute animation, everyone from the CEO to the average Joe can easily understand this products purpose and how to use it.


It was a challenging project, but even more rewarding because of it. There were several opportunities for problem solving and creative thinking when it came to animating the movement of water through the treatment system. Taking an aesthetic, creative background like animation and using it to explain something so intricate and technical was a very satisfying experience.


I had to laugh when, while staying on an upper floor of a hotel in Springfield, IL, I looked out the window and saw one of the Evapco Smart Shields installed on a neighboring roof.

The Process.

This video incorporates voice over, motion graphics and visual effects, as well as 3D modeling and animation. We were given several demonstration videos from technicians using the treatment system on the job. With these and schematic drawings, I used Autodesk Maya to create the 3D elements. The water simulation was done in both 3D and graphically with Adobe After Effects. The rest of the video was composited and edited in After Effects.

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