CYO Brewing.


Brewery and Taproom.


November 2014

The Story.


CYO Brewing (short for Create Your Own) Brewery and Taproom opened in early 2015 in Owensboro, KY by Drew Mitchell. He had already launched a Homebrew Supply company and had just purchased a property in downtown Owensboro when he contacted me. A few months previously, I had a helped him brand CYO Brewing by designing the logo and other branding materials. This time, he asked me to create two renderings, one upstairs and one on the main floor, of how the new Brewery and Taproom would look after renovation. Drew was being interviewed by a local magazine and they had asked to take pictures of the location. Having only just started the renovations, a 3D visualization seemed the perfect solution.


With old prints of the buildings layout and new sketches of what was to be remodeled, I built a model of the main-level bar and the second-level whiskey lounge. I enjoyed working with some of the building materials, including the tin ceiling and downstairs bar facade. I was also really pleased to see elements of the branding I had helped design incorporated into the location. The CYO Brewing Brewery and Taproom was a rewarding project to work on. Visualizing a place before it exists in the real world is like getting lost in a fantasy world from your favorite story. But, unlike reading a book or watching a movie, I can actually visit these worlds I've imagined. It's the best mix of imagination and practicality I can imagine, and it makes me truly love my job.



You can learn more about CYO Brewing's Homebrew Supplies or the Brewery and Taproom by visiting

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