Local Agent Goes Above and Beyond the Listing

Did you know that the average number of homes sold per real estate agent each year is 6-10? Jeanne Gamage, a Re/Max agent from Oswego, sells over thirty. Based out of Naperville, Jeanne has been in business since 2001 and seems to have the right philosophy when it comes to selling, and it’s no wonder. She started her career fixing and flipping properties. With that experience, and the majority of the work she puts into a property done before it’s even listed, she has built her business around going the extra mile. I met Jeanne through the Yorkville Chamber of Commerce where she cohosted a workshop on how to get the most out of networking and leads. Her business model has proven extremely suc

Small Town Brewery Dreams Big

At Home in Ottawa “Building a brewery in a building from the 1870s was complicated,” laughs Scott Struchen, the chief commercial officer and founding partner of Tangled Roots Brewing Co., “but we learned a lot.” Listening to him talk about the story behind Tangled Roots and where it has come so far, I can’t help but feel I’ve stumbled upon something big. “We’re really getting excited to open this up to the public for people to have a craft brew experience.” The experience Mr. Struchen and the other founding partners hope to create extends beyond just craft brewing. The dream behind Tangled Roots is a big one. Talking about the people and the general culture of Ottawa, he says, “We want to em

Old Home Gets New Life

Tom Arneson, a lifetime resident of the Fox River Valley area and owner of Arneson Tire Center in Sandwich, IL has captured the attention of everyone who has driven through Sheridan in the past year. The house at 410 S. Robinson Street, the first house on the right when drivers come into town from the South, has been transforming gradually for several years, but the most dramatic change took place over this past summer when the entire house was lifted onto wooden blocks. For two weeks, the two-story early 20th century home sat on cribbing (a temporary wooden structure) as the ground was dug out and a foundation was poured beneath it. The final result is stunning, yet the total renovation is

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