Welcome to the Slash Career

Originally published Monday, May 11, 2015 in The Times, Ottawa, IL. http://www.mywebtimes.com/opinion/columnists/write-team-welcome-to-the-slash-career/article_5bef5635-7a87-5fdd-bfe3-186b5e92dd59.html#.VVH3Di_7fLE.facebook They used to be called "Renaissance men." "Polymath" is the technical term: a person of great learning in several fields of study. But neither completely encompass what has evolved into a modern phenomenon: slash careers. Many members of Generation Y have started to reject the way people always have thought about work. While anybody these days will tell you the nature of work is changing, there may be more to it than you'd expect. Americans have come to realize the averag

How I Used 3D for a Traditional Painting Job

I have a very close relationship with libraries. The Robert W. Rowe Public Library, in Sheridan, IL has considered me their "resident artist" since I was in high school. Whenever they have a project in mind that requires a bit of creative flair, no matter the medium, they usually call me up. This has included a 4 x 4' signboard with a face-shaped whole in the middle, that I've painted to go with each of their Summer Reading Program themes since 2006. I've designed their logo, taught a comic book class, and created branding material and video backdrops for their 20th anniversary. I have been friends with most of the employees that have come and gone through the years, one of which led me to

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