Fox River Rendering is a 3D visualization studio based on the banks of the Fox River, ninety miles southwest of Chicago. With experience in 3D modeling, animation, video production and graphic design, Fox River Rendering visualizes ideas for clients who would otherwise have a hard time communicating their ideas to others. Whether translating renovation plans between contractors and home owners, virtually staging properties for real estate listings or creating renderings for architects, we are passionate about turning real-life problems into beautifully visualized solutions.


Fox River Rendering was started in May 2015 by Samantha Brown. After working for over five years as a freelance artist for clients from all over the world, Samantha wanted to use her passion to service the needs of her own community. She took the versatile skills gained from working on a range of projects from product animations to illustrated maps and narrowed her focus to what she truly loved: using her artistic skills to help people visualize ideas they wouldn't normally communicate on their own. She took her individual freelancer persona and molded it into a company that can grow as it incorporates other artists, designers and professionals to it meets its clients' needs.


Fox River Rendering is centered in Ottawa, IL and services Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.


BROWN, exec. creative director


A Little Bit About Me.


When I was little, I liked to draw. Everyone told me, you're going to be an artist one day. Somehow, that never felt quite right.


When I was a little older, I still liked to draw. I got good at recreating what was in front of me. But, I looked at other students and watched them recreate what was in their minds. That didn't come naturally to me.


In college, I chose animation. But, I didn't enjoy creating characters, or the fantastic worlds in which they lived. Then I learned to model.


With 3D modeling, some artists model their characters, while others bring them to life through animation. I rediscovered a passion for capturing what was in front of me. And I came to realize it wasn't a weakness. Far from it. What I had always loved, but never had a word for, was VISUALIZATION.


There are a million ideas in the world, but if they never make it out of their dreamers' minds, they can't do any good. That's where I come in. Whether it's a building plan, a product design, a proposed remodel, or any other kind of design, it has to be visualized before it can be created. Every idea has an audience. I make sure each one is communicating successfully. Fox River Rendering is taking ideas and rendering them into reality.

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